2. Got a new 8 page comic in just under the wire for SPX. 


  3. Misliving Amended was nominated for an Ignatz award! Apologies for the late posting (I was traveling), but I’m  honored to have my book considered alongside the other nominees. I respect and admire all of their work.

    I have a handful of copies of the book, if anyone is looking for it. You can send me an email at adambuttrick (at) gmail.com. I’ll probably be wandering around SPX, although not tabling. 


  4. And you can’t take the door.


  5. Will it be?


  6. koyamapress:



    We are so happy to announce that thanks to the very generous people at The Beguiling and TCAF we are curating a small press room yet again this year!!! ♥♥♥

    We’ve a really sweet lineup for 2014, so please do stop by the Wowee Zonk Small Press Area @ the Toronto Reference Library on May 10th & 11th ☺.☺

    Our area will include the following awesomeee list of artists/publishers: 

    Chris Kuzma - www.chriskuzma.com
    Patrick Kyle - www.patrickkyle.com
    Ginette Lapalme - www.ginettelapalme.com
    Closed Caption Comics - www.closedcaptioncomics.blogspot.ca
    Mark Connery
    Marc Bell - www.marcbelldept.blogspot.ca
    Amy Lockhart - www.amylockhart.ca
    Breakdown Press - www.breakdownpress.com
    Keith Jones - www.keithcomics.tumblr.com
    Ryan Dodgson - www.rjdodgson.tumblr.com
    Phil Woollam - www.philwoollam.tumblr.com
    Lauren Albert - www.plslala.com
    Adam Buttrick - www.adambuttrick.com
    Andy Burkholder - www.andyburkholder.blogspot.ca
    Sab Meynert - www.sabmeynert.com
    Eric Williams - www.ericdraws.com
    Lale Westvind - www.lalewestvind.blogspot.ca
    Michael Comeau - www.comeaumichael.blogspot.ca
    Rosena Fung - www.rosenafung.com
    Selena Wong - www.selenawong.com
    Juli Majer - www.wimpi.tumblr.com
    Space Face Books - www.spacefacebooks.com
    Eunice Luk - www.euniceluk.com
    Alabaster - www.illustriousalabaster.com
    Ethan Rilly - www.popehats.ca
    OCADU Student Table Crew

    We can’t wait to see you there!!! 


    seriously can’t wait for this ~ me and patrick are hosting a giant slumber party at our place!!!eee ~.~ ♥♥♥ a lot of familiar friends involved this year but also a few new ones too and we can’t wait to welcome you all to our small press room, exhibitor and visitor alike! 

    hope to see you there! do drop by if you are in Toronto! 

    you won’t want to miss it… 

    So much talent in the Wowee Zonk room again at TCAF. Check them all out!


  7. Working on the new book.


  8. I’ve been reading the amazing new Maurice Noble book. It’s like Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations for animators/cartoonists. I wanted to try some of his principles for an imaginary cartoon. So here we are.


  9. spacefacebooks:

    Detail shot of Misliving Amended by Adam Buttrick.  $6.  8” x 10”.  Order here.  


  10. spacefacebooks:

    Misliving Amended by Adam Buttrick now available! Buy it here. $6. 8” x 10” riso printed.  More previews coming soon.  Printed by Colour Code in Toronto.