1. Working on the new book.




  4. Happy New Year everyone!

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  5. Make a drawing to make a comic about how to understand love.


  6. I’ve been reading the amazing new Maurice Noble book. It’s like Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations for animators/cartoonists. I wanted to try some of his principles for an imaginary cartoon. So here we are.


  7. spacefacebooks:

    Detail shot of Misliving Amended by Adam Buttrick.  $6.  8” x 10”.  Order here.  


  8. spacefacebooks:

    Misliving Amended by Adam Buttrick now available! Buy it here. $6. 8” x 10” riso printed.  More previews coming soon.  Printed by Colour Code in Toronto.


  9. colourcodeprinting:

    Adam Buttrick’s ‘Misliving Amended’ for #spacefacebooks. 20 pages, #risograph blue & yellow cover, blue interiors, edition of 200. Debuts this weekend at #CAB #comicartsbrooklyn


  10. colourcodeprinting:

    Interior detail… #adambuttrick #spacefacebooks #mislivingamended #risograph